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I'm Tyrone Barugh, and thank you for checking out my side project. This site is a collection of self-help consumer tools for use in New Zealand. They're intended to make it easier for people to solve everyday problems like writing a letter of complaint, appealing a parking ticket or cancelling an extended warranty.

These tools are a work in progress. As of November 2020, I have completed several basic tools with more to come over the next few months. My focus in November will be:

  • some personal finance tools
  • a tool to help draft better OIA and Privacy Act requests
  • a bunch of tools to help renters identify and enforce rights against their landlords.

If you've got suggestions or critical feedback, please get in touch with me at tyrone [at] tyronebarugh [dot] nz. I'd particularly like to know if there is a tool that you, or someone you know, would find helpful.

The tools are built using the free/open-source docassemble software, developed by Jonathan Pyle.

Just to be super clear, these tools do not provide legal or financial advice, and do not create any kind of lawyer-client relationship. There is no warranty or guarantee. I can't promise that these tools won't suck.